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About us

Friulinox is a manufacturing company that has research and development laboratories as well as industrial plants at which it designs, manufactures and services a range of professional equipment for storage and refrigeration.

Since 1972, Friulinox has been synonymous with quality and reliability: the professional market recognises in Friulinox the ability to innovate and to produce reliable and efficient systems.

Since 2004 we have belonged to the Ali Group, one of the most important market leaders in the field of systems and equipment to the catering market.

  • Chi Siamo

    FRIULINOX products are distributed in more than 90 countries, in all areas of small, medium or large Mass Catering

    Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, small, medium or large patisseries, artisan or industrial bakeries, Cooking Centres, airports, collective businesses in general and schools and universities are just some of the areas where refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated counters, blast freezers, refrigerated cells and all special equipment of Friulinox are employed.


To give to chilling and refrigeration systems in general a central role in diversified catering processes.

We are a highly customer-oriented company and the entire Friulinox team focuses on customer satisfaction; no matter how small or large, no matter where they are located, for each we have the right solution and the appropriate product. We offer a careful pre-sale consultancy, involving our partners around the world, and we guarantee and service our products to ensure the best possible efficiency.


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ISO 9001:2008 Certification

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ISO 14001:2008 Certification